• About Moonwalk

  • Moonwalk allows you to ask and answer questions about locations in real-time.

    Places are different at different times. Don't you wish you could ask the people there what it's like there at the current time? Welp, Moonwalk can help you out in that way and many others. Review sites are great, but they only give you a perspective of a place at one point in time that the reviewer visited it. Moonwalk is a real-time information exchange which allows you to communicate with people checked-in at certain venues. You can also review past Q&A activity of venues. Once checked in at a venue, questions will be sent to you, and you can choose to answer them if willing. At its core, Moonwalk can get you the specific information you need in a very simple way. Moonwalk is as valuable as the users who use it.

  • Moonwalk Locations

    Moonwalk is based in NYC area, which is also our main service region. We are working on servicing more regions across the universe, so that the service can be more targeted and helpful to you. So, all you Zargons, we will be at planet Klaxon at some point. Be patient.

  • Moonwalk on your mobile

    The mobile site is fully functional on your phone. We are working on building out apps starting with the iPhone then on to the Droid and Blackberry.

  • Don't use location-based check-in services?

    You don't have to use a location based service to get value from Moonwalk. Try it out just asking questions to people at places you are interested in. We encourage users to use location based services to make Moonwalk a better place. I mean who likes giving and never getting. Sign up and let the dialogue begin.

  • Follow us on Twitter

    Track our progress by following us on Twitter (@GoMoonwalk).